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ETHNICITIES Johnson County, WY


 Johnson County, Wyoming

is rich in ethnic culture.

Between 1820 and 1920, approximately 34 million persons immigrated to the United States. Three-fourths of them stayed permanently. Wyoming, with its wide open prairies and opportunities untold, offered the invitation to many of these immigrants.

Portuguese trappers first attempted to develop what was to be known as Johnson County, Wyoming; Polish and Slovakian immigrants came to work in the mines with the hopes of a better future; Germans born in Russia settled the Clear Creek Valley region with their knowledge of sugar beet farming; Italians, Greeks and many others answered the lure of the open land that could be theirs by homesteading or through

other opportunities.

Accompanied by family pictures and traditional ethnic recipes, their stories are told here in a familiar, unique way that shows the strength and commitment necessary to begin life anew in a strange

and foreign land.

America's opportunities to those seeking another way of life have caused many to call

Johnson County, Wyoming home. 

These are just a few of the families who answered that call.

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The von Gerlach Watch


 Nothing in war-torn Holland

is safe in the troubled times of

World War II.

In this short story, Hendrika, a Christian watchmaker, is sent by her grandfather to help his friend in his shop. Upon returning to her home, Hendrika's expectations of a loving homecoming and welcome are dashed when she meets Otto,

an officer in the Fuhrer's service.

Can Hendrika's faith in Jesus

sustain the events that have played out in her absence?

Can the von Gerlach watch

that was so lovingly made by

Otto's very own family

fill the place in her heart that is meant for her true love?

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